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Digital Media Campaigns.

If you’re looking for paid search, paid social media, online display campaigns you need expertise. A team that eats, drinks and thinks digital media. That gets under the skin of your brand, products, consumers and markets. A results-focused approach geared to delivering the best possible returns. We like nothing better than working with new clients and taking their performance up to new levels.

Bathroom Village - Desktop
ROAS Increased.
Return on Investment.
Different Products.

Bathroom Village

Bathroom Village are a retailer of bathroom fixtures and fittings to consumers and trade. We managed their search spend across an extensive range of branded products, and consistently performed above their ROAS (Return On Advertising Spend), whilst generating a high volume of sales and revenue.

However, we wanted to move beyond ROAS as the key metric and focus on profitability as well.

So, we took a step back. We worked closely with the business and re-examined all our assumptions. With 13,000 products, we knew that each SKU had vastly different of competition, consumer demand, ease, and cost of fulfilment, as well as different profit margins.

So, we changed our strategy. We stopped optimising towards a flat return on ad spend and looked at the bigger picture. We restructured the account to ensure we were most active with the right products at the right time. We reorganised budgets and re-examined the channel mix between search and shopping.

We achieved an increase in ROI (Return on Investment) by over 300% over the course of one month. Campaign optimisation alone often is not enough to drive change. You need to identify the bigger commercial opportunities and think strategically.

Prodigy Snacks - Mobile Image
Direct sales of chocolate bars.
Direct site visits.
Top 10%
of Shopify performers World Wide.

Prodigy Snacks

We helped develop and launch the Prodigy Snacks brand from scratch. Delicious tasting plant-based chocolate bars, no refined sugar, gluten free, dairy free, plastic free – all the good stuff, with none of the bad stuff. With a strapline offering consumers the opportunity to “Eat No Evil”, the brand is perfectly aligned with the socially responsible sensibility of its core Millennial audience.

We managed their digital media activity across social media, and PPC search, to build brand awareness and drive sales through their ecommerce site. We also supported retail listings with campaigns for Amazon, Holland & Barrett and Ocado, and piloted several European test markets.  Creative, messages, and offers were tested, and closely aligned across the customer journey from Ads to Landing pages to Checkout.  

Within the first year of activity, we drove over 65,000 direct site visits, leading to over £300k direct sales of chocolate bars and a site conversion rate over 5%, which put the brand in the top 10% of Shopify performers.

Naissance - Mobile
Increase in average spend.
increase in ROAS.
Increased conversion rate.


Naissance sell ethically sourced natural oils and ingredients for homemade beauty and cosmetics products. We manage their online media across many international consumer markets, alongside their B2B channel. We have achieved a step change in the profitability of their online search spend through... 

  • Re-evaluating and optimising all keywords
  • Adjusting bids on best/worst performing audiences.
  • Reallocating budgets to the best performing products and campaigns
  • Restructuring & optimising search & shopping campaigns.
  • Optimising their Google shopping feed via integrated 3rd Party tool ‘Shoptimised’
  • Successfully testing and launching a range 
of new products.

Within a year, we improved Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) from £4.3 to £7.2 for every £ spent, an increase of 67%, achieving monthly highs in ROAS of 12x spend.

Clicks and engagements.
New registrations.
Year-on-year improvement.

Cardiff University

We were tasked to centralise digital media activity for Cardiff University, to improve brand awareness and drive applications during clearing. We had to manage the Main University and 3 individual “Colleges” – all of which had subjects that were a priority and budgets of varying levels. Stakeholder management was essential in ensuring all parties were happy with our approach and results.

We identified an appropriate multi-channel mix to maximise reach, across Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, online display and PPC (Pay Per Click) search. We then developed high quality, converting landing pages with all the tracking in place to monitor performance and make campaign/page level changes where required. 

Our campaign drove over 3,000 registrations, a year-on-year improvement of 17.5%. 

In Independent school meals website leads
In nursery school meals website leads.
Reduced media spend.


apetito a global B2B supplier of catering solutions. We were tasked with improving lead generation to help gain penetration within the Education market of their school meals proposition.
We optimised existing campaigns with a more focused target audience, improved creative assets, aligned conversion goals, and proposed 
a new LinkedIn strategy. We introduced a live performance dashboard to help analyse performance trends in real-time and provide our client with up-to-date KPI’s.
Our campaigns improved Nursery website leads by 330% and Independent School leads by 9%. At the same time, we reduced media spend by 27%.

Increased LinkedIn CTR.
Increased Google CTR.
Increase in conversion rate.


Certsmart was a part of Lloyds Register Quality Assurance (LRQA), the world’s leading provider of independent assessment services including certification, validation, verification, and training across a broad spectrum of standards and schemes.  Certsmart launched in 2021, targeted towards businesses that wanted to undertake their IS09001 certification online. Initial results were not promising so we were tasked to improve the levels of leads and sales.  
We introduced better top of funnel targeting and enacted efficiencies through-out the prospect journey. We optimised existing Google and LinkedIn campaigns by updating ad copy, imagery, audiences, campaign structure and bid strategy. 
Google CTR (Click Through Rate) increased 312% and conversion rate increased 69% compared to the previous period. LinkedIn CTR increased 47% compared to the previous period.  

more leads generated in 6 months.
Reduction in cost per lead.
Increase in monthly leads.


Cambrex is a leading global contract development and manufacturing organisation that provides drug substance, drug product and analytical services.

We helped Cambrex upscale their PPC search activity with the objective to drive more leads. We conducted a 100-point paid search audit and prioritised a series of improvements from account setup best practice to bidding and keyword optimisation.

In the first month we increased leads from 2 per month to 10. In the sixth month we generated 40 leads. Meanwhile we increased efficiency driving down the cost per lead from £1,440 to £64.

Increase in ROAS.
Increase in monthly sales revenue.

Almondsbury Garden Centre

Almondsbury are one of the best stocked garden centres in the South West. Almondsbury were already trading well online but wanted to expand their offering. We worked with them to develop an annual strategy to help them grow their eCommerce revenue and maximise traffic. 

Campaigns were short-lived with strategy focused too heavily on individual product offers. We broadened our approach and switched our efforts to broader categories utilising Paid Social, search and particularly Google Shopping. 

ROAS increased from £3.2 for every £1 spent in Q1 2023 to £9.2 in May 2023. Conversion rate increased from 1.1% to 1.3%, Revenue increased from £4.3k per month to £21k.