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App Transforms LEGO Interaction, Merging In-Store, Retail, and Digital Channels

+300Consumer & retail interviews
+50User journeys
+9Personas mapped

LEGO in a
new light

Our key objective during this project was to create a unique and valuable experience that changed the way children and adults alike interacted with LEGO.

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The research and analysis phase
Answering the brief from LEGO to create an omni-channel strategy, we developed an app called LegoMe that brought together LEGO's huge array of diverse digital, retail and in-store experience and helped fans explore a new and immersive way to play with the world's most iconic bricks

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The app allows the user to explore the humble brick in a new way and share their adventures if they choose to, anytime, anywhere. Creating additional value in play, users are rewarded for creativity and for sharing their ‘builds’. Challenges can be sent to friends or the public, and ‘builds’ can be voted on, shared or added to other models. Best of all, in ‘Mash Up’ mode, the users can allow their creativity to run wild.

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Allowing for customisable content
Social media was a key component of our marketing strategy. The cheeky, humorous TOV, direct engagement through post copy and Twitter surveys, and campaign-specific hashtags, such as our BedHabits hashtag, were the perfect recipe to kick start customer growth while positioning Slumberland as an open, customer-first brand.

A truly integrated approach
The app also linked with physical stores. By bringing together different experiences, we were able to offer the shopper several ways to interact, from simple on-shelf screens to fully integrated retail experiences at LEGO stores.

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