Launching Almondsbury Hand-Picked Loyalty Scheme

+400%Increase in sign ups
+11Years of partnership


We developed and launched the Hand-picked loyalty programme for Almondsbury Garden Centre. Through data analysis we identified our most valuable customers that we were keen to reward and retain. We started with just 4,000 customers but have now grown this fourfold to 16,000, through promotion instore POS, online, and social media. 
We also worked with a 3rd party partner to ensure the journey from click to instore for Handpicked Members could be fully integrated with their Epos system. We also provided staff with iPads to help enrol users in store – connecting the online and offline journey and supporting those customers that were not digitally savvy. This also ensured that clean data was held in one place irrespective of how the consumer signed up.



Members of hand-picked are the receive special offers on key products, alongside free coffee and special discounts from the restaurant, and a stream of educational content to help them with their gardens.