Enhancing Customer Engagement with
Tailored ECRM for Viu


viu is a customer engagement platform that captures and measures what consumers really think about products and services. It’s particularly useful in the Motor Industry to help dealers and garages understand how well they’re servicing their customers. VIU’s customers are head offices of major motor networks or financial services companies, and we work with them to deliver eCRM programmes that onboard their dealer and garage networks.

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Over time we have developed and optimised a programme based on a series of emails and online content that firstly introduces the brand and product. We then provide content that drives education of how it works and how it to use it. Initially, we aim to drive initial trial, and once we do, we support the user with educational and training content in order to reduce barriers to take up. Ultimately the key objective however is to drive paid subscriptions and ongoing renewal, and our programme is designed to minimise drop out at each step to achieve this.

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