Enhancing Drambuie’s
Brand Content and Experience at the Edinburgh Fringe

146,938Unique page views
+2mins2.31 mins increase average session duration
-50%Reduction in bounce rate

with a new 

Drambuie was stuck with an outdated image. 
They were keen to reinvent themselves, appeal to 
a younger demographic and be known as a drink that could be enjoyed all year round. Not only did we refresh the brand identity through our web design, we also developed a digitally integrated experiential event at the Edinburgh Fringe.

drambuie iphones
'Taste of Extraordinary' photo

The Drambuie ‘Taste of the Extraordinary’ photo booth rewarded cocktail purchasers with a surreal photo taken in our automated photo booth. (The 3D model was used to plan the camera position and test the concept). The photos took the form of a printed takeaway as well as a digital image that could be shared via Twitter and Facebook.

The combination of sharing and physical takeaway proved to be a success, so much so that the Bar/Booth became the most shared and engaged branded experience at The Fringe.

drambuie photo mechanic
facebook screenshot