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RAC’s Marketing Strategy Transformed Through an Integrated Approach

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The RAC Limited provides vehicle and breakdown services for more than eight million private and business members.
When Fiora first began working with the RAC, they were implementing a new stage of development, including the enrolment of more garages and dealers into their network. This created a challenge to provide added value to the newly expanded member network.
Fiora was briefed with developing solutions that would deliver value and protect the brand. Over the five years we worked with the RAC, we transformed the way it engaged with its network, using new business models and innovative platforms to drive success.


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A unified network
One of the main issues the RAC faced was a lack of brand guardianship, with no way of controlling their marketing across their network. The Fiora team was briefed with creating a platform that allowed the RAC to govern and manage its brand across over 2,500 dealers — all through one central hub.

RAC Dealer Engine
For the hub to be successful, it needed three key points. Different sections, from marketing materials to official data, needed to be easily updated by the RAC team. The hub itself needed to be clear and easy to navigate, especially for small-time garages who may not have used a similar platform. Finally, it needed to build cohesion in the network and position the RAC as the guardian of the brand.
It also needed a name, and we landed on the network-focused title of the RAC Dealer Engine.

A subscription-based model
To help cement brand guardianship and create authority within the network, we advised the RAC to move to a subscription-based model. This seemingly simple change not only increased revenue but brand value, with the monthly commitment encouraging dealers to be more actively involved with the RAC.
This new model also allowed us to implement regulations that would add security to the brand. Working in collaboration with the head of the RAC network, we created set rules that network members needed to follow in order to stay in the franchise. With guidelines uploaded to the Engine, dealers had a clearer understanding of brand policies and were able to self-police themselves without difficulty.

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With networks previously unable to utilise RAC branded assets, each dealer had their own take on how to use the name. Some were successful, others less so, but all lacked a much-needed feature — consistency.

To ensure unity across the network, we created a library of brand-approved assets for member use. These were implemented across new and existing dealerships through a RAC-certified source, resulting in a consistent and carefully branded look.

Social assets
Alongside branding, online marketing was vitally important to both the RAC and their network. Proper use of the RAC name could be the difference between gaining a new customer or losing one, with social media playing a huge part in promotional activity. We needed to find a way for the network to harness the potential of social media, all without compromising the brand.
We began by creating a series of brand-approved social media assets, which were then added to the Engine. This allowed dealers to advertise new deals and sales quickly and effectively, while providing the RAC with a wealth of successful third-party advertising.

Data and national trends
While brand ownership and an increase in revenue was important for the RAC, we also needed to ensure that their network was getting the best out of their subscription. Overall, dealer and garage aims were simple — to sell more cars, and insights on national trends and data could help with this.
Working with the RAC team, we agreed on a number of KPIs and metrics, as well as which data to track. We then integrated their internal system, pulling out useful data into an API which was added to the Engine.
The regularly updated insights and data were laid out be as accessible as possible, allowing dealers to instantly pinpoint relevant information. This helped position the RAC as an informed, high-ranking brand that ensured the growth and development of its network.

RAC Dashboard


Dealer reviews
Regular feedback is an essential aspect of growing and improving a business. To ensure the RAC had a direct link to its network, and vice versa, we implemented a Dealer Review section. This resulted in easy communication between businesses, leading to a more productive and trusted relationship.

We began by creating a series of brand-approved social media assets, which were then added to the Engine. This allowed dealers to advertise new deals and sales quickly and effectively, while providing the RAC with a wealth of successful third-party advertising.

Single Sign-on system
The Engine was coming together, with carefully tailored information and features that enabled the RAC and their network to grow. The only thing we needed to do was ensure that the members used it consistently.

Our solution involved setting up a single sign-on system. This meant that whenever a dealer logged into their system, they had to go through the RAC Engine first. New insights, updated assets and direct communication from the RAC couldn’t be missed, ensuring network members always saw and benefited from the latest information.

Our work with the RAC showcased the true power of internal digital transformation, with a rise in both revenue and brand recognition stemming from network satisfaction. Through innovative ideas and a clear focus on industry insights, we were able to push forward long-term solutions that achieved results.