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Social Media Strategy
and Content for Prodigy

+300kDirect sales of chocolate bars
+65KDirect site visits
Top 10%of Shopify performers worldwide


Prodigy is a chocolate brand on a mission to revolutionise the snacking industry. With a focus on consumer health and the protection of the planet, Prodigy have reinvented a range of classic chocolate bars to be plant-based, dairy-free, refined sugar-free and wrapped in plastic-free packaging. In April 2019 we were approached to help launch their brand into the UK market, initially, through the online channel.

More than another vegan brand
With a strapline offering consumers the opportunity to Eat No Evil, the brand was perfectly aligned to the socially responsible sensibility of its core Millennial audience. But with the market already saturated with eco-friendly, vegan chocolate bars, Prodigy didn’t want to be just another drop in the plastic-free ocean.

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Prodigy’s key difference originated from a core aim of their owner, entrepreneur Sameer Vaswani, who wanted Prodigy to produce healthy, but equally delicious, alternatives to everyday chocolate bars. Chocolate that could be enjoyed by everyone, not just those who are conscious of their health and carbon footprint. One of the biggest challenges was that the brand wasn’t sold in stores but only online, requiring people to plan their snacking routine days in advance.

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Capitalising on

When lockdown hit, we saw an opportunity and recognised that online sales would increase. We quickly developed a lockdown offer, and, through well targeted paid social activity, we managed to double our total sales revenue in just two months. Capitalising on this shift in consumer behaviour helped us overcome the barrier of impulse purchasing, enabling us to help consumers plan their snacking needs in advance.

The road
to social

We achieved all this by...

  • Implementing an organic social strategy, identifying what resonates with our audience, and continuing to use data to improve upon this.
  • Developing a paid social strategy that encompasses brand awareness and audience growth, while generating sales.
  • Building relationships and consistently engaging with our communities on organic social, acting as brand guardians, customer service agents and community leaders, giving Prodigy a personality and a voice that cares about its followers.