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Social Media Strategy and Brand Experience Drives Engagement for Nordic Spirit

950,000Impressions on social accounts
13,000Engagements on social accounts
255,000Total reach from paid media posts


Nordic Spirit approached Fiora with the objective of enhancing engagement and generating impressions across their social media platforms. They aimed to increase brand awareness, educate their target audience about nicotine pouches, and differentiate themselves from competitors. Furthermore, aiming to establish Nordic Spirit as a recognised household name within the industry. 


To tackle the challenge, we implemented a comprehensive strategy. First, we ramped up content creation and posting frequency, ensuring a consistent flow of engaging material. We advised Nordic Spirit to run monthly competitions to incentivise audience participation. Additionally, we focused on targeted content pillars, aiming to educate the audience about the benefits and nuances of nicotine pouches. 

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One of our key tactics involved the use of interactive stories. By leveraging this feature, we gathered valuable customer data, allowing us to tailor content to the preferences of the audience. These interactive stories garnered an impressive 190 views, providing us with insights into customer preferences regarding flavours and strengths. Armed with this knowledge, we promoted audience-led products, effectively catering to their specific needs and desires. 

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Thanks to our efforts, Nordic Spirit experienced significant positive outcomes. The data obtained from the interactive stories provided valuable insights into customer preferences and behaviours. One noteworthy success was the "Smooth Mint X Strong" campaign, launched in January 2023. As a result of our campaign, this particular product line now accounts for an impressive 17% of all overall sales for Nordic Spirit.
In summary, our comprehensive social media strategy for Nordic Spirit successfully drove engagement, increased brand awareness, and solidified their position as a leading brand within the industry. By utilising interactive stories and leveraging customer insights, we achieved outstanding results, with the "Smooth Mint X Strong" campaign becoming a standout success.