Social Media Marketing for Haribo’s Jubilee Celebrations

+35,000new fans attracted across the jubilee weekend.
+80%Of users were generated organically
55 awards


Haribo tasked Fiora with developing something interactive and fun, that would be truly social to support the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations.

Our concept was to produce a Facebook app that allowed users to select one of the thousands of Haribo sweets to be their very own. 

haribo 12


As users began to select all of the Haribo sweets, the silhouette of the Queen would then be unveiled. Launching this activity with a video which followed the team in building a huge detailed real world portrait of the queen. The video coupled with the Facebook mechanic acting as a sharing tool, we were able to attract over 35,000+ new fans across the celebration weekend of the Jubilee. 80%+ of the new users were generated organically via the share mechanic. 

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