Prodigy's ECRM Program: Fuelling Repeat Sales with Targeted Email Marketing

+300KDirect sales of chocolate bars
+65KDirect site visits
Top 10%of Shopify performers worldwide

Eat No Evil

We helped develop and launch the Prodigy Snacks brand from scratch. Delicious tasting plant-based chocolate bars, no refined sugar, gluten free, dairy free, plastic free – all the good stuff, with none of the bad stuff. With a strapline offering consumers the opportunity to “Eat No Evil”, the brand is perfectly aligned with the socially responsible sensibility of its core Millennial audience.



After launching the brand, building our email database was a central part of our strategy, to enable an eCRM programme that drove trial, sales and ongoing customer value. Alongside tactical sales emails and abandoned cart emails, we set up an automated marketing programme using Klaviyo. On purchase a welcome email was triggered, offering a discount on the all-important second purchase. If a second purchase wasn’t made after a set period, a further email was triggered offering a further discount. Similarly, another email was triggered after the second purchase to encourage the third purchase.

This approach was effective in increasing purchase frequency and ensuring those that a high proportion of those initially trying the brand went on to become valuable repeat customers. And once the customer hit a certain value, a big spender email was triggered to encourage higher volume purchasing and enable customers to stock up on Prodigy.


We achieved an average open rate of 32% and an average click-through rate on open of 11%, both of which far exceeded the category average. As a result, over the first year of the programme revenues from repeat purchasers grew by over 400%.