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Modernising a Classic - Creative Digital Campaign
for Drambuie

+400kUnique Page Views
-50%Reduction in Bounce Rate
+2 mins2.31 mins Increase Average Session Duration

with a new 

Drambuie was keen to reposition the brand to appeal to a younger, trendier demographic and establish themselves as a drink that could be enjoyed all year round. Research clearly indicated we needed to give them a reason to pour. Consumers were trying to learn how to use the liquor, but just needed a helping hand. So, we developed a range of creative content that showcased the brand’s versatility across a broad range of new and classic cocktails, through recipes and beautifully shot photography. 

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Fiora are my first-choice agency and I fully trust and rely on them. They are a highly talented team with genuine passion and have always gone beyond their role to meet the needs of the brand and client. Their work is always of top standard and their approach is flexible and open-minded.

Maria Somalya | International Marketing Manager, 
The Drambuie Liqueur co. Ltd