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Integrated Campaign
Targets Electric Vehicle Market for Wessex Garages

+68%Increase in organic visits from EV search terms
+25%Overall web traffic
+81%Increase in sales of EV vehicles

EVs for 

Electric vehicles have increasingly gained in popularity amongst consumers in recent years, and yet few dealer networks have positioned themselves towards this valuable market segment. We decided we wanted to be one of the first. It also fitted perfectly with our overarching “Intelligent Choice” brand positioning.

Our campaign centres around our Quiet Revolutionary, Chas, who reflects our middle-class, middle-aged target consumer, who are anything but revolutionary, but keen to do their bit in quiet ways. This disarming creative approach used charming, gentle humour, throughout a fully integrated campaign across broadcast TV, addressable TV, radio, paid social media, online display and video, outdoor, organic social media, online content & PR.

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