Grosvenor casinos

Generating traffic for Grosvenor Casino Installation Animation and Video

18%increase in footfall

The short story 


Research highlighted that casino shop fronts had little or no impact and consumers who regularly passed the buildings were not aware of their casinos. This highlighted the need for better communication, better signage and deeper storytelling.  

Our solution was to develop visually exciting animations that would play on fitted LED screens, promoting interaction and engagement, and increasing footfall of new customers. 


The results 

Through our creative vision, clever storytelling and tactical strategy, we were able to create dynamic and engaging displays that showcased the character of each casino. Both Reading Central and The Golden Horseshoe gained an increase in footfall of approximately 18% in just three months. 


The long story

High-res screens and updatable technology 

Grey skies, bright sunshine, rain and humidity — these were all weather elements that the LED screens needed to work alongside. To ensure that the future graphics were as vivid and eye catching as possible, we chose high-resolution panels that would withstand various weather elements. With the fast-changing nature of street advertising, a system that was adaptable and easy to update was vital. With just a simple memory stick containing a video file, new animations could be added in just minutes, ensuring that content stayed fresh and innovative without the need for time-consuming or complicated changes. 

The Golden Horseshoe external screen 

For The Golden Horseshoe casino, we had the opportunity to work on both the external and internal screens. For the external display, transparent LED screens were installed behind the two front windows. With the windows’ differing dimensions, we needed to consider the individual size constraints while ensuring that the looping animations worked across the whole front of the casino.  

With its busy high street location, the displays needed to be elegant yet eye-catching, attracting and holding people’s attention — whether they were walking directly past the casino or seeing it from across the road. We landed on animation elements connected with different culture’s symbols of luck. Gold, clover leaves, horseshoes and goldfish were selected, with our design teams’ detailed storyboards illustrating how the four would flow and interweave with one another. 


Reading Central Casino 

Reading Central Casino’s out of town location allowed us to be more adventurous in terms of the screen size and quantity.  

We installed a number of transparent LED screens across both sides of the casino, taking careful consideration of the landscape so that passers-by could see the visuals from a number of angles.  

With existing Grosvenor Casino advertising located below the screen set up, we decided to create visuals that matched that style. To ensure this, we added in subtle nods towards the existing Grosvenor branding, including clever, easy to loop transitions that merged the logo with the rest of the animations. Examples included the Grosvenor Casino logo twirling and transitioning into a roulette wheel or spinning off-screen to mimic the movement of a slot machine. 

Along with the larger number of screens, the out of town location allowed us to implement promotional copy into the animations, showcasing unique sell-points such as from no-sign up gaming and jackpot prizes. We kept these short and snappy to ensure that passers-by could take in the information with just a glance.