Creating Video Content for Social Media to Highlight the Glenlivet's Unique Heritage

12%Increase in organic brand mentions across socials
+70Social media videos created
+15%Increase in direct social interactions


Fiora was briefed with creating a suite of Social Media videos to tell the brand story. The aim was to raise brand awareness, educate new and existing consumers on the brand’s history, and showcase The Glenlivet as ‘THE definitive’ whisky.  


To create effective and engaging content, we needed to understand the core of The Glenlivet. Founded in 1822, the distillery is steeped in history, with this background as much a part of the brand as the whisky itself. However, with an aim to introduce new consumers to the brand — ones less aware of the idiosyncrasies of premium whisky, we needed to find a way to encompass their history and personality in a modern and engaging way.

The Glenlivet had a clear picture of who they were and what they wanted to reflect. However, this needed to be portrayed within the fast-paced, constantly evolving landscape of social media. By portraying both the rich heritage and modern character of The Glenlivet, we were able to carve out a solid social position for them, engaging their existing customer base while appealing to a new diverse audience. With care, creativity, and insight, we presented THE definitive whisky in a modern and engaging new light.

Glenviet images