Club 3000 Bingo

Club 3000 Bingo's Digital Strategy, Rebrand and
Launch of Online Gaming Site

1.8 MillionSocial Media Interactions during launch week
7,200+New sign-ups during launch week
£3.4 Million Revenue generated across launch week

Overview &

Club 3000, renowned as one of the UK's premier bingo operators, embarked on an ambitious journey to transition into the online gaming arena. Fiora was tasked with the integration of Club 3000's new online gaming platform. This entailed crafting a comprehensive brand identity, coupled with a website redesign focused on user-friendly navigation.

In the saturated online gaming market, distinguishing oneself is a formidable challenge. To navigate this, we adopted charm, personality, and fun as the guiding principles of our creative approach. The project was meticulously segmented into key areas: User Experience (UX), Brand Style, User Interface (UI), Web Design, Character Design, and Content Mapping.

Club 3000 Branding A Bingo Club


The introduction of Ognib, our brand mascot, was a strategic move designed to resonate with the audience on a personal level. Mascots often serve as the 'face' of a brand, offering a relatable and engaging point of connection for customers. Ognib's role extended beyond mere representation; it was pivotal in weaving a narrative that customers could relate to and engage with.

This deep connection was further leveraged in our approach to prizes and giveaways. We ensured that the prizes were not just mere objects of desire but also a reflection of the brand's personality and ethos. Each prize and giveaway was thoughtfully chosen to echo the fun and excitement that Club 3000 stands for, thereby reinforcing the brand's identity in the minds of the players.

Moreover, the integration of the brand mascot into these aspects created a cohesive and immersive experience for the users. From the visual aesthetics of the website to the tangible excitement of the prizes, every element was imbued with the essence of Ognib, fostering a sense of familiarity and loyalty among the audience.

Our approach with Club 3000 exemplifies how a well-crafted brand identity, coupled with a charismatic mascot, can significantly enhance user engagement and loyalty. By extending this branding into every facet of the customer experience, including prizes and giveaways, we created a unique and memorable presence in the online gaming landscape.

Animation Club 3000 Winner
Club 3000 website
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Our strategy to encapsulate the essence of Club 3000 revolved around developing a captivating video for the launch campaign. This video was central in showcasing the excitement and thrill of the Club 3000 gaming experience, particularly emphasising the joy of players discovering their 'inner winner' through #OutOfThisWorldBingo.

In parallel, a comprehensive social media strategy was rolled out, featuring Ognib and the new visual style as its cornerstones. This innovative approach not only distinguished Club 3000 in the crowded online bingo sphere but also solidified its unique brand identity.