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Caffè Nero sought to broaden their coffee repertoire with the launch of the Cortado. This coffee, whose name translates to "the cut" in English, is a robust espresso moderated with milk and crowned with a half-centimeter layer of foam. Fiora was tasked with the unveiling of the Cortado across Caffè Nero’s social media platforms and in stores spanning multiple European countries.

Caffé Nero Website and Cortado Promotion


The Cortado was designed as a remedy to the common post-lunch slump. Our content strategy needed to convey two primary messages: the optimal time to enjoy a Cortado and its distinctive qualities compared to other coffee varieties. Considering the rapid pace at which social media users browse, it was imperative that our content was not only visually compelling but also swiftly imparted knowledge to the customer.

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Caffé Nero Launch of the Cortado


The campaign culminated in the creation of a succinct, sundial-themed animation, which effectively highlighted the unique aspects of the Cortado in relation to other coffee options. This engaging visual content was ideally suited for social media engagement, capturing the essence of the Cortado in a way that was both distinctive and memorable.

The production of concise animations, designed to be effective both with and without audio, accompanied by a straightforward narrative, proved essential. This approach ensured that consumers could grasp the storyline at any point, regardless of when they encountered the content. The adaptation of this narrative into various European languages and the integration of the creative concept across Point of Sale (POS) materials and in-store displays solidified the campaign’s message.

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