Idea Mountain

Where do new ideas come from?.

Thursday 21st March 2024

Anyone engaged in the creative sector, be it in marketing, branding, video production, or any other area, invariably grapple with the question of where good ideas come from. What are the processes and thought patterns that underpin creativity? 

When it comes to engaging a creative agency, how should one evaluate their creative prowess? It's universally acknowledged that creativity is subjective, and even the most creatively robust campaigns can sometimes fail to hit the mark. This raises a crucial question: how can an agency set itself apart? What meaningful insights and value propositions can it offer that are truly noteworthy? And how does a client who is trying to commission an agency measure these propositions in a meaningful way? 

Almost all agencies tout their uniqueness, delineating their methodologies and championing their data-driven strategies. They proclaim that their analytical approach to creativity sets them apart, suggesting that their expertise and superior thought processes make them more informed. However, we at Fiora believe these aspects should be standard in any competent agency operating in today's market—they are mere table stakes, hygiene factors if you will. 

Where do new ideas come from? The answer is simple: differences. While there are many theories of creativity, the only tenet they all share is that creativity comes from unlikely juxtapositions. The best way to maximise differences is to mix ages, cultures, and disciplines.

— Nicholas Negroponte

Our philosophy at Fiora is straightforward yet impactful. We believe that genuine creativity flourishes from a blend of diverse perspectives, disciplines and unexpected juxtapositions. Our methodology places the user or customer at the epicentre of our creative process. Every concept we develop is infused with both emotional and functional value, meticulously crafted to resonate with our users or customers. But we don't stop there. We actively engage with our audience, gauging their response to the removal of friction and the addition of value in their experiences. It's through this interactive process that we not only validate our ideas but also refine our understanding of what truly matters to our users or customers, ensuring our creative output is not only innovative but also genuinely impactful and user-centric.